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What Are The Criteria For Enrollment Selection?

  • Age: 18 years and above

  • A diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), intellectual disabilities, chromosomal disorders from psychologist or medical practitioner (Mild to moderate severity of autism and other disabilities)

  • No major behavioural challenges that will disrupt workflow in public areas

  • Independent in self-help skills such as toileting and feeding

  • Able to communicate needs either verbally or via AAC device

We apologize but we are unable to take in individuals with physical disabilities at this time.


How Is The Intake Of Students For The Program Determined?

  • Fulfilment of stipulated Enrollment Criteria

  • The outcome of the assessment by LemmeLearn’s psychologists and trainers

  • Availability of sufficient physical & teaching resources, worksite and class suitability

  • LemmeLearn’s overall enrollment capacity

Will Non-Verbal Student Be Eligible For The Program?

Young adults who are expressively non-verbal may be included into LemmeLearn's program as long as they meet other admission criteria. In particular, they need to have high receptive language understanding and be equipped to use tools for communication.


What are Training Hours In LemmeLearn?

We run our Inclusive Vocational and Independent Living Skills Training Program from every Tuesday to Friday, 9am - 4.30pm. This is subject to revision by the Center.

How long does the program last for?

This all depends on the ability of the student when (s)he comes in and their speed of attaining work skills, emotional regulation skills and social skills. After 3 months from enrollment, we will be able to determine how long the individual may need support for. Average timelines are around 2 years.

Where will my child be trained at?

Pre-training will be held at our LemmeLearn Empowerment Center, 14 Lorong Aman, Pulau Tikus, Penang. On-site training will be held at our various partner companies, ranging from F&B, Office, Retail and Factory. More sites to come!

My child is very different from everyone else. Can he fit in?

If your child is accepted into LemmeLearn’s vocational program, we will ensure that we personalize your child’s goals to meet their needs.

The LemmeLearn team brainstorm every single student to ensure that each student makes step-by-step progress towards vocational and functional living independence.

Why do you place my child at so many different sites?

We have found that growing up, many young adults with special needs have missed out on opportunities and experiences, limiting their skills and knowledge. The first three to five months, we try to place them at different sites to help them :

  • Socialize with different people

  • Try a variety of different tasks

  • Assess their own areas of strengths

  • Gain awareness of their own job likes and dislikes

Your child will be able to explore new skills and strengthen existing ones in different work sites and identify which fits them best.

When will my child get to focus at a specific work/skill area?

Usually during progress meetings the LemmeLearn team together with the child and his family, will decide on areas of strength/interest and discuss an area of focus to project for the future.

What happens if I am unable to afford to pay for the entirety of the fees?

You may sign up for our sponsorship program to have a percentage of your fees sponsored. Please take note that everyone signing up for sponsorship must be prepared to go through an interview with LemmeLearn and their sponsor to explain their financial needs and declare household income.

Does LemmeLearn guarantee employment at the end of the program?

We will do our best to guide your child towards their paid internship and provide guidance while constantly liaising with the company. However, we do not guarantee employment at the end of the program because employment is based on many factors.


My company is interested to partner with LemmeLearn as a community conscious partner, what is the criteria?

Get in touch with us by WhatsApping 016-3573800. We will need to visit your work site to assess safety and suitability and to carry out a task analysis.

Upon approval, we will need to carry out an Autism/Special Needs Awareness briefing with all your staff members to ensure the environment is ready for our students.

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