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LemmeDrink Kombucha

LemmeDrink Kombucha is a fermented tea rich with probiotics that is good for your gut.

Our kombucha is unlike any other - using only the best premium ingredients, organic cane sugar and real fruit - our kombucha stands out from the rest because it is meticulously handcrafted by special hands.

LemmeLearn's graduate now full time staff, Yap Yi Xin is now our chief kombucha brewer who is committed to make each batch of kombucha the best one. His methodical, perfectionist nature ensures that all the kombucha is only bottled when it meets his strict guidelines.

This business has opened up more employment opportunities for our other students with Autism - so with every purchase, more opportunity is created.

Our kombucha is being supplied to cafes, restaurants, hotels and events. Contact us for wholesale prices at +6016-3573800.

Good Gut,

LemmeDrink Kombucha

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Deliveries momentarily available ONLY in
Penang, Malaysia

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