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These small groups are for teens (13-18 years old) carried out once a week based on age and ability.

The emphasis of these classes are to build social competency in working with a group, carrying out hands-on activities that allows the students to engage with the content and to build their independent living skills knowledge.

Below are the courses we offer:


Small Groups for Teens

NEW Prevocational Classes in 2024

Pre-vocational Healthy Life Course

This course spans for a year and provides a holistic approach to what is means to live a healthy life. 

It incorporates parts of the Social Thinking curriculum and also LemmeLearn's curriculum we have created over the years.

To sign up for this course, please click the link HERE.

Pre-vocational Kitchen Course

The students enjoy this course because they get to cook, and more importantly they get to eat and try different types of food.

This course lays the foundations of everything they need to know when being in a kitchen.

It is a great course to equip them with basic skills to live independently in the future.

To sign up for this course, please click the link HERE.

"For us, it is particularly helpful in so many ways as I believe these are such essential skills that everyone needs to have.


The lessons are particularly helpful as it breaks down and profiles the list of skills that our boys need to badly to be able to function in the real world. Furthermore, I can see Sean is able to internalise and use those lessons in his daily routine. He will bring up or mention it to me"

Lee Yen, Mum

Monday Social Communication Small Group

This class helps teens with Autism and learning difficulties gain personal awareness of themselves and social awareness using curriculum from the Social Thinking program by Michelle Garcia Winner. 

There is also a functional living skills portion of the class - interlinking the social and the functional - that will help them as they transition into adulthood.

Class days: Mondays, 4.30-6.00pm

Payment: Blocks of 10 sessions

To sign up for this course, please click the link HERE.

Monday Functional Living Skills Small Group

This class helps supports students in gaining skills that empowers them for independence. It is a class full of hands-on activities such as cooking, baking, community outings and role playing. We will be using our instructional kitchen as a platform to build students' understanding of time concept, kitchen safety, planning, measuring, money concept and other independent living skills.

We aim to build students' functional skills for greater independence and a smoother transition to an independent life through real and simulated experiences. 


Class days: Mondays, 4.00-5.30pm

Payment: Blocks of 10 sessions

To sign up for this course, please click the link HERE.

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