Meet Our Team

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    Eileen Soon

    MA Special Ed (US), BS Special Ed (US)


    Founder, Inclusion Specialist, Special Educator

    Eileen has always been passionate about Special Education. Interviewed by Huffington Post as a voice for Special Education, she brings her passion back to Penang, Malaysia.

    Studying her Masters under longtime Special Ed inclusion researcher, Dr. Pam Hunt, and Integrated Play Group (IPG) creator Dr. Pamela Wolfberg, Eileen’s vision moved from “What’s the best way to teach?” to “What’s the best way to teach so that they will be part of the community and live independently?”

    In 2015, she spent her summer volunteering at Social Thinking’s Summer Day Camp at their headquarters at Stevens Creek, CA and spent her weekends volunteering at DIR Floortime playgroups.

    Prior to starting LemmeLearn in Penang, Eileen worked as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) at St Christopher’s International Primary School and later at Prospect Rainbow Center for Children with Special Needs. Eileen enjoys hiking, nerding out discussing new ideas and drinking LemmeDrink Kombucha!

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    Benjamin Choo

    B.Soc.Sc. Psychology (UTAR)

    Inclusive Vocational Trainer

    An introvert, foodie, regular Penang boy who at one point of his life was struck by curiosity in understanding human interactions, behaviours and emotions which led him to his interest in Psychology. Inspired by former teachers and his own mother whose heart was in the serving field, he is now seeking his passion in related fields with the objective of learning to care and impact the lives of others. 


    Although he is still gaining experience working with people with special needs, he is guided by a heart of empathy and compassion. He now actively picks up skills and knowledge at LemmeLearn which provides him these opportunities to learn and grow.


    When not working, he enjoys playing football, listening to music and watching human relationship-inspired drama/movies.

  • Sharon Lim 

    MCouns (USM) B.Soc.Sc. Psychology (UTAR) Licensed Registered Counsellor

    (KB 08026, PA07 601)

    Inclusive Vocational Trainer

    Meet Sharon! She graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) in 2018. She got to know about children with special needs during her internship, and it has sparks her interest since then. Prior to joining LemmeLearn, she was working as a ABA therapist for children with Autism in KL. She believes that every individual with special needs has the potential to grow when we believe in them. She is a foodie, good food makes her dance!

  • Wan Qing Tan

    B.Soc.Sc. Psychology (UTAR)

    Inclusive Vocational Trainer

    An adventurous but introvert girl who is always driven to try out something new and learn from every experience. 

    During the second year of degree, she volunteered at a camp which held for special needs, which had inspired her to start learning more about special needs. Then, she continued her career as special needs educator at Lighthouse Academy for 2 years after she graduated. 

    She is always interested to know more about human behaviour which lead her to pursue her Masters in Criminal Psychology, unfortunately, this little tiny girl was rejected by police enforcement due to her height.
    She enjoys reading, hiking and riding bicycle anytime, anywhere.

  • Melody Lim


    Kombucha Sales & Market

    Project Lemmestart Coordinator 
    Social Media Manager

    Meet Melody, the fun, extroverted, and adventurous lady in da house! A typical island girl who loves the beach and nature (camping by the beach is her favorite!) She believes that going back to nature is just like going back to where we belong; we all need to disconnect from our phones and technology to appreciate how truly beautiful the world really is!

    She discovered her passion for special education when she was 15 while she volunteered for a special needs school during her summer holiday. After studying in the States for a year, she returned to her motherland (Penang) and decided to work and to hone her practical skills before continuing her studies. She joined Lemmelearn throughout 2017- 2018 as an intern and then went to Singapore in 2018 to work in an established corporate company for another 2 and a half years. 

    Her passion for special needs education remains, and voila!  She is now officially back with us in 2020! On top of that, she is taking up online courses in pursuit of her degree.

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