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    Eileen Soon

    MA Special Ed (US), BS Special Ed (US)


    Founder, Inclusion Specialist, Special Educator

    Eileen has always been passionate about Special Education. Interviewed by Huffington Post as a voice for Special Education, she brings her passion back to Penang, Malaysia.

    Studying her Masters under longtime Special Ed inclusion researcher, Dr. Pam Hunt, and Integrated Play Group (IPG) creator Dr. Pamela Wolfberg, Eileen’s vision moved from “What’s the best way to teach?” to “What’s the best way to teach so that they will be part of the community and live independently?”

    In 2015, she spent her summer volunteering at Social Thinking’s Summer Day Camp at their headquarters at Stevens Creek, CA and spent her weekends volunteering at DIR Floortime playgroups.

    Prior to starting LemmeLearn in Penang, Eileen worked as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) at St Christopher’s International Primary School and later at Prospect Rainbow Center for Children with Special Needs. Eileen enjoys hiking, nerding out discussing new ideas and drinking LemmeDrink Kombucha!

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    Alyson Thor

    BSc.(Hons) Psychology (UK), MBPsS


    Co-Founder, Vocational Inclusion Specialist, Special Educator

    A realist, petite, introverted, Penang 'cha boh' (lady) who is blessed with immense passion to help the community, therefore has been in the special needs education field for almost a decade. 


    She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Psychology (Hons) UK, a member of British Psychological Society, and currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Counseling. She has been interested in understanding the human mind and behavior. She has always fantasised about having Jean Gray's mind reading powers ever since she was 5!


    She is a travel enthusiast and has been to countless countries. But just like what most Penang 'lang' (people) say, "You can take me out of Penang, but you can never take Penang out of me". So here she is, a proud Penangite.

  • Ch'ng Bao Zhong

    MCouns (USM) B.Soc.Sc. Psychology (UTAR) Licensed Registered Counsellor

    (KB 08026, PA07 601)

    Inclusive Vocational Trainer

    A proud autistic advocator.

    Bao Zhong completed his Master's Degree in Counselling (MCouns) in 2018, and his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in 2015. During his internship as a primary school counsellor, the area of autism piqued his interest. He adapted his play therapy techniques to become a screening tool for autism.

    Inspired greatly by the late Lee Kuan Yew, Bao Zhong believes that change must come forth at the grassroots level of the society so he left his desk job in Kuala Lumpur, and joined LemmeLearn because he felt connected to the autism industry in Penang.

    You can catch him at a cafe sipping his coffee while reading, or grunting out loud in the gym. If spotted, please greet him, he won't bite.

    But, he is very shy.

  • Benjamin Choo

    B.Soc.Sc. Psychology (UTAR)

    Inclusive Vocational Trainer

    An introvert, foodie, regular Penang boy who at one point of his life was struck by curiosity in understanding human interactions, behaviours and emotions which led him to his interest in Psychology. Inspired by former teachers and his own mother whose heart was in the serving field, he is now seeking his passion in related fields with the objective of learning to care and impact the lives of others. 


    Although he is still gaining experience working with people with special needs, he is guided by a heart of empathy and compassion. He now actively picks up skills and knowledge at LemmeLearn which provides him these opportunities to learn and grow.


    When not working, he enjoys playing football, listening to music and watching human relationship-inspired drama/movies.

  • Haniel Yeoh

    B.Soc.Sc. Psychology (UTAR)

    Inclusive Vocational Trainer

    Music has been his main passion as it not only helps regulate moods and emotions, but it goes beyond to the development of a person. Haniel completed a Bachelors Degree in Psychology in 2019 and has pursued something close to his heart as his desire is to help create awareness in the society, believing in the art of giving more than receiving. Hence, he aims to marry the best of both worlds which in the field of psychology and music.


    For now, his goal is to develop an understanding, and an exposure of what to expect in this field. Most importantly, to get engaged with people with special needs, and also people who facilitates those wonderful ideas in bringing a better well-being to these individuals. 


    During his free time, he enjoys listening to music, playing guitar and "makan" (eat) as a true Penangite.

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