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A Visual Schedule Giving Predictability and Teaches Time Concept | FREE Printable

When we have a to-do list for our day, it tends to go smoother and become more productive.

This is the case with our students with ASD and special needs so we have created a FREE printable visual schedule including some common activities that are ready for use.

Steps to use visual schedule:

1) Print out the visual schedule and cut out the small icons below.

2) Use blueback or velcro to stick the icons at the side.

3) How you use it depends on the level of your child. Beginners and those when limited verbal ability can start with just doing one section - either 'Morning', 'Afternoon' or 'Night' section. As they gain understanding of the visual schedule, extend it.

4) Put the visual schedule at a place that your child can easily see and access (Living room or dining room would be better than their room if your child spends more time outside of their room)

5) Arrange the day or section together. When the task is done, go to the visual schedule and move that icon to the side.

Eg. "Shane, you have brushed your teeth, good job! Brushing teeth is over. Take 'brush teeth' and put it at the side. Finished! What's next?"

6) Slowly fade support and ask them to remove their task icon and do the next task. You may slowly include time (12.30pm - Eat lunch) or duration (3pm - iPad time [20 minutes]).

Hope this helps your child plan for their day with more clarity, and also gain a sense of time.

Let's learn together,


Click here to download FREE printable

Download PDF • 249KB

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